Your Go-to Partner for streamlining of business and better productivity

Refined and polished over the years, we have developed a solution to redirect focus towards your core business as we assist in your back-end operations. We ignite your data warehousing needs and take away your document warehousing worries.

Problem Statement


Insufficient data

Where organisations do not have the required electronic contact details other than traditional name and address.


Erroneous data

e.g. invalid emails, wrong phone numbers, personal details that fail KYC verification.


No ready resources

There is no centralized pool of resources to meet spikes in business activity.


Questionable information

Lack of monitoring tools and solutions to provide the needed assurance of records reliability.


Lack of automation

Manual driven process which increases turnaround time for reporting and decision-making.

Unsecured channels

Appropriate security measures are in effect for secure data transmission.

Content personalization

Personalized data targeted at each individual customer.

Third-party resources

A single vendor to carry out end-to-end business.

Undelivered mails

Important emails do not reach the recipient’s address.

Why Choose Us


A guiding hand

Provide the right kind of assistance for your digitalisation process.


Ensure a smooth process of data gathering

Verify the data gathered to confirm no erroneous data and future discrepancies.


A one-stop centre to fulfill your mailing needs

After which, one can utilise the data gathered to send clients’ statements through email/sms blasting.


Business Continuity Plan

We are able to support the right applications for operational continuity.


An industry leader and pioneer of bulk mailing providers, with a proven track record and vast project experience.

Compliance with ISMS

Our facility is certified with an Information Security Management System (ISMS).

Quality control

All jobs to be processed are monitored according to our Standard Operating Procedure.

Industry-standard SLA

Commitment to the timelines for each job to be able to run smoothly.

Secures data transmission

Secure and encrypted communication channels between external networks and us.


Upon job completion, we will provide a report together with the delivery logs.


One-stop partner from print-to-e, and everything in-between:


Physical statement

  • Print.
  • Send & track via NCR.
  • image

    Email blasting

    With content validation to ensure accurate content goes to the correct customers, to prevent PDPA violations.



    Document warehousing and digitization team equipped with the required knowledge and application


    Digitazation in-progress

    Data gathering and guidance

  • Remote verification, via our team of BPO specialists.
  • In-person, via our network of NCR riders.
  • Data cleaning and KYC
  • Data cleaning to ensure emails and phone numbers are valid and accurate.
  • KYC to ensure customers’ details are checked against gov-databases.
  • We offer cutting-edge and customisable data printing solutions with diverse approaches – highlight colour, B&W, cycle-basis or Ad-hoc. Equipped with the ability to fulfil “Print on Demand” jobs, data transmission has never been more secure

    Size is never a problem as we are capable of processing larger scales of sheets. This entails cutting, folding, inserting, and sealing envelopes. We cater for a multitude of industry-standard envelope sizes

    Customisable to suit your business needs and liking, we offer single document conversion to mailing form services, with supplementary insertion options

    The manual process is performed entirely in-house, we are able to ensure processes are strictly monitored

    As an extension to our core services, we outline an analytical report that accurately depicts any undelivered mails on a periodical basis


    Verify identity in 30 seconds against government databases.

    Data cleaning & verification

    Recorded phone numbers/emails are cross-checked via eKYC solution to confirm the accuracy & validity of data collected.