Data is the very foundation that keeps an organisation afloat. According to FPT Software, companies from all over the world have referred to data as an integral and crucial part of any organisation. Without the presence of data, an organisation is merely an empty husk that is unable to drive itself forward.

“Data is the new oil.
Like oil, data is valuable, but if unrefined it cannot really be used. It has to be changed into gas, plastic, chemicals, etc. to create a valuable entity that drives profitable activity. so, must data be broken down, analysed for it to have value.”
-Clive Humby (Mathematician)

Data Gathering Solution

Considering the significance of data, Inter-City is proud to announce a new service that aims to lend a helping hand to businesses in need of drawing customer data and information.

Inadequate and incorrect data makes it especially challenging for businesses to transition to digital alternatives. In light of this, we will be partnering with Tekkis, a tech start-up, to solve this problem. This data gathering solution runs on a digital portal, eKYC, with the purpose of collecting and verifying data against government databases.

Key Methods of Data Gathering

In order to put the plan into motion, Inter-City will be employing two methods – In-person and Remote Gathering.

In-person data gathering will be carried out through utilising Inter-City’s runners. While delivering statements, they will knock on people’s doors to obtain the information needed. In order to assure consumers of the legibility of such a request, riders will verify their identity by showing their respective ID and provide thorough explanation that the collection of details are done upon the request of client(s). After which, relevant data including name, email, phone number and I.C. will be collected.

The latter runs on two phases and will be done remotely. Firstly, a QR code will be printed and placed on statements that directly forwards one to a client-branded website where data will be drawn. At the same time, Inter-City BPO officers will ring up or email the contacts provided by the client for verification purposes. Then enters the next phase where there will be information cards pasted on each household door, requesting them to access the website for data collection.

Verify The Data

As stated in Informatica, it is imperative that customer contact data is verified as it will prevent possible future mishaps and errors. Thus, Inter-City asserts the decisive need to confirm the accuracy of data. After the relevant details have been collected, there will be a process of data cleaning. Emails will be double checked to ensure no fakes and spam have been entered.

On the other hand, there will be a check on phone numbers to confirm no disconnected numbers have been enlisted. Through utilizing the eKYC solution, we can ensure that each and every person’s recorded details are cross-checked to prevent potential invalid emails and errors in the formatting of one’s phone number.

Inter-City is Your One-Stop Solution

To those who lack the necessary information to carry the business forward digitally, this data gathering service ticks the criteria box. We have all that you require down within the walls of our premises, from handling the printing and delivery of physical statements with the handy help of our niche corporate runners to providing digital assistance in the likes of data gathering and cleaning. Accompanied by sufficient and error-free data collected, one can proceed to sending messages to the right customers through the adoption of our email and SMS blasting solution.

With the intention to simplify the process of digitisation, Inter-City establishes a start to finish service that answers your queries and troubles. Contact us for more details!