A Digital Solution Crafted For You

Here comes a digital solution – Email and SMS Blasting, a swift e-solution to get your message across simultaneously. Notifications, statements, promotional messages and content of any kind can be sent at the blink of an eye.

An article by Mobile Monkey has suggested that the most preferred communication channel among consumers is SMS, subsequently followed by emails. Instead of opting for manual labour, such a digital solution allows one to save time and avoid potential risks pertaining to delivering physical mail.

How Is This Solution Relevant?

In today’s contemporary society, technological devices have a dominating presence – 99.2% of the Malaysian population owns a smartphone and 75.8% owns a laptop (Statista, 2020). According to the 2020 Global Messaging Engagement Report, email has been deemed as indispensable due to the extent in which it has been integrated into our daily lives. SMS, on the other hand, has been concluded as an appealing and widely-used platform due to its no-brainer functionality and convenience. With digital alternatives at our fingertips, the distribution of varying content has never been easier.

Why Choose Email And SMS Blasting

You must be wondering – why is there a need for such a solution when physical mails are up and running? Well, the simple answer is that the room for potential mistakes and unfortunate mishaps during the delivery process are wide.

For starters, there is a risk of the recipient’s private information being compromised. When and which the mail is being delivered, confidential details might end up getting leaked to outsiders and third parties. Unlike direct mails, delivering through electronic channels (SMS or email) assure the security of recipient’s personal information and content of the mail by attaching:

  1. A direct message
  2. A  password-protected file
  3. A secure link that directs one to open the relevant file
  4. A cloud server/portal

Physical mail is directly sent to the recipient’s door. Since that is the case, recipients are left in the dark as to when the location of the said mail is left unknown. To make matters worse, what happens then when the supposed mail does not reach the hands of the recipient? Can you recall the number of times someone else’s mail(s) have been tossed into your mailbox? Such instances when mail is delivered to the wrong location can be a puzzling and perplexing situation for both the recipient and the wrong party.

Through the use of email/SMS blasting, one can avoid the potential issues mentioned above. In order to assure the successful delivery of messages, data cleaning will first be performed. This guarantees no wrong email formatting or invalid phone numbers are entered into the system. This way, messages of any kind will undoubtedly be sent to the right person at the right time.

Inter-City’s email and SMS blasting, equipped with a reassuring cross-content validation process that executes layers of checking minimises potential errors that might occur during the process of delivering mail. Having rich experiences with esteemed clientele like Bank Rakyat and Bank Simpanan Nasional, we are confident in delivering a satisfying digital solution for the delivery of your mails.

A Quick Fix For You

Just imagine – security, efficiency and immediacy. The convergence of physical mails to digital copies delivers the absolute promise of conveying whatever deemed necessary without the breach of privacy and possible delay.

A paperless, air right and hassle-free solution such as this keeps not only people’s minds and hearts in relief but the environment too. Having said that, in order to carry forward with this option, one needs to be equipped with sufficient data and we have just the right data-gathering solution to quell those worries. If you have any queries on how to begin your digital journey, our Inter-City sales team is here to provide assistance. So fret not and blast with us today!

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